Photo Gallery

FBCT Outdoor Worship Service (9/13/2020)

Missionary Ministry in Service to Others

FBCT Back to School (8/29/2020)

FBCT Academic Excellence Day (6/27/2020)

Rev. Dr. Marilyn M. Harris 15th Pastoral Anniversary (3/13/2020)

FBCT Heritage Sunday (2/23/2020)

FBCT Seniors and Youth Dinner (2/21/2020)

UMBCNJ Oratorical Contest (2/8/2020)

FBCT Justice For All Program (1/25/2020)

FBCT Jazz Vespers Winter Solstice (12/18/2019)

FBCT On Time Seniors Ministry Day (12/8/2019)

FBCT Women's Day (11/17/2019)

FBCT Women's Tea Party (11/16/2019)

FBCT Willing Workers Clothing & Shoe Drive (10/10/2019)

All God's Children Anniversary (10/27/2019)